Friday, November 30, 2012

We reached 1000+ likes on Facebook!

So, as I have mentioned over on my Facebook page for Busy Momma Loves to Save, I will be doing some sort of giveaway to celebrate my reaching 1000 fans in less than 1 month! I am trying to figure out exactly what it is that people want to win from a giveaway. I have been throwing around the idea of a gift card, is this something that you would be interested in or should it just be PayPal cash! Let me know what YOU, the readers are interested in winning!

Tomorrow is Lowe's Build and grow day! I preregistered for this event and it is FREE! My son loves to go and build these neat little wooden pieces. They offer these workshops every other Saturday (although it is 2 in a row this time), be sure to check the website for registration, updates and to check their calendar!
These fill in fast, be sure to PRE-REGISTER!
I also made my Christmas Wreath for my door and it is already hanging! I will take pictures and put them in a later post. It turned out better than I had hoped it would! Maybe I will make a wreath for each holiday just to have on hand. They are inexpensive, fun and easy to make. If you wanted to be adventurous you could even have your kids help you! I usually make mine during "me" time and relax/wind down for the evening.

I plan on making cookies next week to take to my husband and his nurses at the hospital since they finally lifted his special diet and he is on an anti-nausea medication that seems to be working for him now. He has finished one round of chemo so far and gets a little break before they start the next one. After the build and grow clinic tomorrow I am going to go spend the afternoon with him and maybe play a round of chess (he just taught me how to play, and I am not that good at it--yet!) and see if I can beat him!

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!