Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Word Press!

Once again, I am making changes to this blog. I have decided to switch over to WordPress, with my own domain name hosted on HostGator. I am completely unfamiliar with WordPress so this will be a transitional project for me. I will continue to have the blog here until I am ready to go live with the WP blog. Hopefully this isn't too difficult for me to do by myself and it runs smoothly. Thank you everyone! Hope to speed up the site a bit!

My new page will be available on my hosted website bmlts.com, from there you can access my WP blog which I am starting from scratch since I cannot transfer from blogger.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Purex Insiders- Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi

I recently received Purex Plus Oxi UltraPacks, these handy little laundry pods are great for HE machines and top loaders alike, I personally have an HE and knowing just how much detergent for each load can be a pain. These are single load, easy to use concentrated laundry pods that you can just toss and go! I have personally never used a detergent capsule before getting these to try so I am still on the fence, I have a load in the wash right now, which is a big test load. I accidentally washed new navy blue sheets with a white pillowcase--ack! I am hoping that my now baby-blue pillowcase will wash clean, it hasn't been dried yet, at least I caught it so hopefully the stain is not set in.

Since this pillowcase is now one big stain, I am hoping that these cute little laundry pods pack a punch! Unfortunately though when I went to switch loads out and put the load in the dryer, the pillowcase is still blue! Oh well, lesson learned! But--everything is clean as can be and I didn't have to mix anything at all. Smells wonderful and super fresh, and I popped one of my Purex Sweet Lavender Fabric Softener sheets this load is all set! Now I just need a laundry folding machine!
The Navy-blue sheets that went in with the white pillowcase!
This is supposed to be white!
So, I learned a tough lesson here: make sure there are no hidden whites in your dark loads, and also to make laundry time so much easier, use a pre-measured Purex UltraPack plus Oxi. I wish everything were as easy as doing laundry these days!

Meanwhile, I am also offering a reader a coupon for a FREE pack of these awesome Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi! Just enter on the rafflecopter to be eligible! This giveaway will run from 9/29 to 10/11 so get your entries in!

There is also a sweepstakes on the Purex website, if you find the red football jersey hidden somewhere on Purex.com and WIN $50! 10 Winners! Hint: Just toss and go!

The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our house is sick!

So, our family has been pretty sick for awhile now. Today I finally broke down and took the kids to the pediatrician, my youngest is ok thankfully. My oldest has an eye infection, which I have as well. I also have a sinus infection I am dealing with! My husband has communal-pneumonia, and since he is more "delicate" than the rest of us right now, he ended up at the regional oncology center getting IV antibiotics for several hours. So, we are most certainly a house full of sickies! I am thinking I will go to bed early tonight to catch up on some serious rest, waking up throughout the night coughing is not pleasant--or restful.

On top of that all, classes for me started two days ago, and this is the biggest online workload I have taken thus-far (3 classes, still not full time but with all my boys it gets busy here) so I can makeup for the quarters I took off to be my husbands caregiver after his stem cell transplant.

The chill of the great north-east is setting in too, we have our first frost warning of the season with temperatures expected to be in the mid to high 30's until the wee hours of the morning. BRRRR. I hope my Zucchini plant does ok tonight, I have a few on there that I haven't harvested yet, as well as my carrots!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Domain name!

It recently occurred to me that my blog was veering onto the slower-laggy side of the web. In an effort to streamline things, and going forward with the changes I am making, I decided to get a new domain name and a hosted server. My new domain name is www.bmlts.com and even old bookmarks will automatically redirect to the site, not much else is changed but I am considering switching over to WordPress, though I do not know much about it or how difficult it would be. Also in an effort to reduce lag, I reduced the icons, or blog link-backs at the bottom of my page, and reduced the posts per page from 4 to 2. It hasn't seemed to improve things--yet, but with time, and newer less-link filled posts I am hoping it will improve! It seems to jump around, so please let me know if you are experiencing any problems with anything-links, pages/posts etc. during this time of transition! Thanks for sticking around!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

20 Mule Team Borax WIN $1891!

Click here to join Purex Insiders.
Okay everyone! Do you want a chance to win $1891? I sure do! 20 Mule Team Borax is bringing you that chance! For 122 years of providing us with a great laundry boosting product, they are also providing us with a chance to win $1891--yes, that is the number of the year that 20 Mule Team Borax was born!
Whether to help with tough laundry stains or just adding to regular loads, this is one seriously hard working laundry product, fighting stains and eliminating odors.
Click this photo to enter to win $1891
Click here to view the 20 Mule Team Borax website
To enter to win $1891 click the photo above or HERE. Be sure to click each photo to check out links to all the websites in this promotion, including joining the Purex Insiders team! Connect with 20 Mule Team Borax on Facebook to keep up to date on all the promotions and insider tips on how to keep your laundry looking its best. Be sure to enter soon since this sweepstakes will run only from August 13th through September 17th.
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Win $1000 from Purex & Little Tikes!

Purex and Little Tikes are bringing you yet another sweepstakes to enter this month! On top of the Fels-Naptha 120 years 120 Winners Sweepstakes  one lucky winner will get a $1000 gift code which can be redeemed at www.littletikes.com plus a year's supply of Purex laundry detergent, I don't know about you all but I use a lot of detergent for my family so this prize could potentially be priceless! Not worrying about buying detergent for a whole year would be mind boggling! Whether for upcoming birthdays or the holiday season, an extra $1000 would be great to win! 

This sweepstakes brought to you by Purex and Little Tikes is running from August 5, 2013 through August 30, 2013 and you can enter by clicking the picture above or by clicking HERE

Be sure to check out and "Like" Purex and Little Tikes on Facebook to check out what other awesome promotions they are offering. 

Check back here for more great offers and sweepstakes to come!