Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carbona 2 in 1 Oxy-Powered Carpet Cleaner Review!

I recently received a box from Carbona containing my full-sized product for testing! I received the 27.5 fl oz - 2 IN 1 Oxy-Powered Carpet Cleaner! I have the perfect spot on my carpet that I will use it on! I am hoping it works because I have no idea what the spot is but I have a feeling it is juice from one of my little monsters since they leave their cups everywhere around the house. I took two before pictures, one with the flash on the left and one without on the right just so you can tell what spot I am talking about. 
I followed the directions in opening the package, shaking it and then gently squeezing the bottle to moisten the applicator brush. Following that, I used the conveniently attached brush to work the formula into the spot and then I let it sit for the 3 minutes as suggested in the instructions. I removed the excess product with an old towel that I had dampened. While I wait for it to dry I will let you know a little more about the product itself. 
The 2 in 1 Oxy-Powered Carpet Cleaner is from a brand called Carbona which makes other types of laundry products you may have heard of such as, Stain Devils, Color Run Remover and other household cleaners. This particular formula is Biodegradable and definitely more Eco-friendly than some other methods of carpet cleaning.
The bottle states that it can clean:

  • Coffee
  • Cola
  • Grease
  • Fruit Juice
  • Red Wine
  • Feces
  • Urine
  • Vomit
It also states that it is safe to use around pets and can discourage repeated pet accidents. What about repeated juice spillage?? I wish.
It does say to do a spot test, and never soak the area. As well as not using it on silk, velvet, Haitian Cotton or any other fabrics that can be harmed by water. You may have a really tough stain and might need to repeat the cleaning process to fully remove the stain. Of course for best results you should clean a spot as promptly as possible when it occurs so that it doesn't have time to set. I am really testing this product out here because I have seen this spot on the floor for about a week and a half now and was dreading cleaning it, on my hands and knees scrubbing until it came up.
So, the results that I have been waiting for and I know you have.....the spot is gone! Here is an after shot:
Overall I am very satisfied with this product and I feel safe about using it in places like my children's play room or their bedrooms knowing that it is more Eco-friendly than some other options.

Be sure to check out their website to see the whole line of products that they offer and to find out where you can find their products at a store near you!