Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Monday, June 24, 2013

It's past day 100!

Here we are over 100 days past my husbands stem cell transplant and we are still stuck here in Buffalo! We are so ready to get home to our boys! We are having issues with Platelet counts not being high enough, they are hovering around 30-35 and the Dr. would love to see them around 50+ (which is really 50,000+) before he lets us get back home. They are adjusting medications, and other items that may be causing platelet counts to drop so hopefully the further adjustments will help. My husband had another bone marrow biopsy almost two weeks ago now and results are fantastic (knock on wood) so far. If his platelet count drops to 20 by Friday then they will do another to try and see what is going on. Really, they are just guessing at what is causing the low numbers, his body might even be "chewing" up the cells itself, which it has done before with platelet transfusions. We are also keeping an eye on any random cuts he is getting, as well as random bloody noses because those are common with low platelet numbers.

He has been off of IV Magnesium for several weeks and takes mag+protein pills to supplement this so his levels are adequate. He still has his 2 lumen central line however which I know he is itching to get out! They took some swabs to culture and see if that can be possibly having an effect on the counts as well.

I am itching to get back home and get into my exercise routine, and try out my Mothers Day/Birthday gift from my husband--a Kinect with two Zumba games! The only form of exercise we have been able to do is to walk our route around the block, which is around 2.5 miles or to go to the mall and just walk around the whole thing (not sure the distance of that one). We have a set of weights that I have been using off and on and of course I can do some squats and stuff here in the apartment, but there really is no room to get into it.

So frustrated with all the setbacks but I know it's for the better in the long run.