Friday, November 9, 2012

Easy Care First Aid Kit and Easy Access Bandages Review + Coupon

I have recently been given the opportunity to do a review on Tender Corporation's new Easy Access Bandages as well as their Easy Care First Aid Kit.

I was surprised at how convenient these bandages actually are. They come in an average sized box just like normal bandages, however, these are very unique in that you can put them on a wound one handed (if necessary) because of the brilliant packaging design. The  orange, eye-catching box contained two portable bandage packs with 15 sterile bandages each. Each bandage is latex-free which is great for those of us with allergies or sensitivities, and made of a soft flexible fabric instead of the standard plastic. All you do to apply a bandage is simply pull it out and stick it on the site of abrasion and pull away any excess paper and press it on to ensure that it adheres and seals well. You're done, simple right? Gone are the days of fumbling with the little tabs or sticking your fingers all over the adhesive so it doesn't stick as well, this is really a useful design and completely convenient as well as portable. They even make the knuckle and fingertip bandages for those pesky broken nails. You could stick one pack of 15 in your purse (or diaper bag!) or glove box of your car to have handy if needed, takes up about as much space as a pack of gum would. I have also been able to give out this $1 Off Coupon to my readers! This coupon is good for $1 off any box of Easy Access Bandages good through the end of the year!

The Easy Care First Aid Kit that I received was the All-Purpose kit. This kit contains what you need in a quick pinch for several things, all in their own numbered and labeled pouches for easy access. I know my sons (and my husband) are accident prone (I too will admit I have my moments) and this kit essentially could be a lifesaver. Pouch 1 contains items for Cuts & Scrapes, this would be your everyday go-to pouch if your little one is prone to having accidents, such as mine are. This pouch contains: 
  • Adhesive Plastic Bandage 3/4"x3" (30)
  • Adhesive Plastic Bandage 3/8"x1.5" (20)
  • Adhesive Plastic Bandage 1"x3" (20)
  • Adhesive Knuckle Fabric Bandage (10)
  • Adhesive Spot Bandage Plastic (4)
  • Adhesive Fingertip Fabric Bandage (4)
  • Elbow/Knee Fabric Adhesive Bandage (2)
  • Antiseptic Towelette (20)
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.5g (2)
  • Butterfly Wound Closure (4)
Pouch 2 contains items for Blisters, Splinters & Stings and is an excellent pouch if you were to go hiking, camping or just being outside in your backyard, this pouch contains:
  • Insect Sting Relief Pad (4)
  • Moleskin (1)
  • Tweezers (1)
Pouch 3 is for those wounds that are a little more serious than those of pouch 1. This pouch is aimed at Bleeding, Wounds & Burns. This pouch is the one you want for any serious emergency situation. This pouch contains:

  • Non-Adherent Pad 2"x3" (2)
  • Burn Cream 0.9g (2)
  • Cotton-Tipped Applicator (10)
  • Sterile Gauze Pad 2"x2" (4)
  • Sterile Gauze Pad 3"x3" (4)
  • Roller Gauze Bandage 2"x 4.1yds. (2)
  • First Aid Tape Roll 1/2"x 10yds. (1)
  • Combine Pad 5"x9" (1)
  • Medical-Grade Gloves (2)

Pouch 4 is for those nasty little things that creep up on you, yes I am talking about Headaches & Pain. This pouch contains what you need to get the minor irritations out of the way and help to alleviate inflammation and pain around an injury site. This pouch contains:
  • Ibuprofen 200mg (8)
  • Non-Aspirin 325mg (8)
Pouch 5 is dedicated to Sprains & Strains, this pouch can be used to help with swelling and immobilization of areas that may contain sprains/strains or even fractures/broken bones. This pouch contains:
  • Elastic Bandage 2" (1)
  • Instant Cold Compress (1)
  • Assorted Safety Pins (3)
  • Wooden Finger Splint (2)
The last pouch is what you reach for in an emergency related to CPR & Shock. I personally hope I would never have to reach for this pouch because the thought frightens me but I do feel comforted knowing I am somewhat prepared with the help of this kit. This pouch contains:
  • CPR Breathing Barrier (1)
  • Emergency Reflective Blanket (1)
  • Emergency First Aid Guide (1)
This first aid kit is great value for your money, with a retail value of $19.99 you can have just about everything you need for those unpredictable moments. The bag this kit comes in is handy as well, you can grab it when you walk out the door for a road trip or even a day trip and it takes up minimal space. One thing I want to emphasize with first aid kits is that certain items in them do EXPIRE, so always be aware of the expiry dates on items such as the ibuprofen and ointments. You can buy certain refill items from Adventure Medical Kits to restock or replace items in your kit. I am so glad to have this kit it makes me feel much more prepared for just about any type of minor injury!


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