Thursday, November 8, 2012

Horrible, Awful, no good week!

This week has been a doozy for me and ordinarily each thing that happened wouldn't phase me at all but as it happens it all happened at once. First and foremost, my furnace blower went out....this happened Monday. The electrician/plumber came and took the blower part out (after deciding that was what the cause was) and ordered the part...2-4 business days for it to come in. This is fine, OK...but we have been having 25 degree weather here in upstate NY and has been dropping further than that at night. Needless to say it has been a cold week and I hope the part comes tomorrow like everyone says it will. On top of that my boys are sick and I can only do so much to help them through this cold time while they are ill, I got an extra heater to help bolster the one we already had in the living room as it happens though, it took all day to get the temperature up in the house from 50 to just 68. We have all been wearing as much clothes as possible to keep warm and there are many blankets out and about!

Next on the list of awful things this week is that our toilet is leaking into our basement! The floor had previously been damaged by water and was kind of uneven so the toilet didn't get a good seal. The plumber "fixed" the seal, and that very same night (Tuesday) it was leaking again--even worse than before. So, Wednesday someone else came to look at it and said the floor would need to be ripped out under the toilet and replaced....that was going on today and is all fixed now. BUT, the toilet is still managing to leak, this time in a separate spot from the tank! UGH. So I will have to mention that to the guy again to look at tomorrow.

Finally, my ceiling light went out, now this light is a ceiling fan with 4 bulbs on it in the center of the room. This is our main source of light in our living area and it gets used every day. Strangely enough the fan itself is working but the lights aren't and there is an awful smell coming from it like burning something. So we haven't had a light for 2 days now. The guy who is fixing the furnace will look at the fan tomorrow and decide if it needs to be rewired or just replaced.

All I can say is that I understand that this house was built in like 1903 and has poor insulation, old wiring, old plumbing etc. but I am SOOOO glad we are renting it and that we don't own it! The furnace blower is an $800 part not to mention the cost for fixing it and labor, the fixing of the floor, the cost of the fan.....this is going to be one expensive week for my landlord!