Tuesday, October 16, 2012

O-Dee-O Designs Wetbag!

So recently I won a giveaway that O-Dee-O Designs was doing the other night. I won this cute little wet bag that is big enough for wipes or any smaller items that might need a wet bag! It has an excellent sized handle with a snap so that you can hang it, snap it to a stroller or purse and not have to worry about carrying it around.
It has a convenient zipper all the way across the top for easy access, I am personally not too fond of drawstring wetbags, they don't hold in odor as well, so this is a great design!
This item is hand made with love! It has a cute cupcake pattern and is lined with PUL to hold in wetness and odor!
 O-Dee-O designs also makes Fleece Soakers, OS Pocket Diapers, Fleece Longies, Cloth wipes and I think Taggie blankets, and much more to come I am sure. The quality of this item is superb even though it was only a tester, I definitely will be looking around O-Dee-O's page for more useful items to buy! I am not sure on prices right now but you can always contact her over there, she does amazing work and also does custom orders!

Be sure to go to O-Dee-O Designs to check them out!