Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little projects

Well! Today has been interesting so far, I went to exercise this morning and my floor was covered in Cheerios! I had already vacuumed too, so some little monster came behind me and "placed them strategically" around the room. I also noticed some crammed into the XBox vent as well as down the heater vent...*sigh*

Shane and I worked on this Super hero mask yesterday, a great find at Target for only $1 (if I remember correctly) and he put everything on it himself! Some of the words were upside down but it was cute! It was made of foam and had foam sticky stars and words on it. He had fun with it while it lasted, his brother got a hold of it and it is nowhere to be found now!

 An action shot!

On another note I have been working on this Halloween wreath off and on for the past couple weeks. I could have been done sooner but I keep putting it aside to do other things. I am almost finished with it and I am pleased with the work so far! I have a little bottle of "poison" that I am debating on putting on there but it seems like it might look too cluttered...I will post more pictures when it is done and hanging!

I have a Psychology paper that I have to work on when I get done here and Zealand is upstairs for his nap. I am almost done with it but is another thing I have been putting off! I am such a procrastinator!