Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Domain name!

It recently occurred to me that my blog was veering onto the slower-laggy side of the web. In an effort to streamline things, and going forward with the changes I am making, I decided to get a new domain name and a hosted server. My new domain name is www.bmlts.com and even old bookmarks will automatically redirect to the site, not much else is changed but I am considering switching over to WordPress, though I do not know much about it or how difficult it would be. Also in an effort to reduce lag, I reduced the icons, or blog link-backs at the bottom of my page, and reduced the posts per page from 4 to 2. It hasn't seemed to improve things--yet, but with time, and newer less-link filled posts I am hoping it will improve! It seems to jump around, so please let me know if you are experiencing any problems with anything-links, pages/posts etc. during this time of transition! Thanks for sticking around!