Sunday, August 4, 2013

Smart Snugs is giving away free diapers!

I have a few Smart Snugs cloth diapers, and for the price you cannot beat them! Right now they are offering a FREE diaper with any order over $50, this diaper (the "Tree Frog" diaper) is brand new and they don't even have any pictures up on their website yet! Use coupon code: "treefroggin" on orders over $50.00 at and receive their new limited edition "Tree Frog" pocket diaper free with your order!

It gets even better! They are offering a prize to the first person to share a picture of their little one on their Facebook wall ( in a Tree Frog diaper, they will win a SimpleSnug 6-Pack!!! Also a 2nd and 3rd place winner will get a free diaper and 4th-10th will win gift cards!

The deal will end Wednesday August 7th (8/7/13) or while supplies last! All of the promo orders will be shipped Thursday (8/8) at the same time with the same shipping service so everyone has the same chance at receiving their order in time to win!

Remember free shipping on orders in the US!