Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sweet Lavender Purex fabric softener sheets

I have been eagerly awaiting my first package from Purex Insiders, and guess what? It finally arrived! I have had the great opportunity to use/test out some wonderfully "scent"sational Purex Sweet Lavender Fabric Softener Sheets! I must say even before the box was opened, bringing it in from the mail-man--I could smell the goodness radiating from the box. Apparently my son could too because after opening the box he immediately asked if he could have a sheet and he enjoyed smelling it just as much as I did!
I used it first on my towels and all I have to say is wow! The scent of the Purex fabric Softener dryer sheet is so great and fragrant, I just love it. Lavender of course is one of my favorite scents, and they really hit it on the mark with these fabric softener sheets. I was also really surprised by the reduced static cling that they provided. Usually when I pull towels and clothes out of the dryer they are all jumbled together and your hair stands on end, and you get that weird noise when you pull stuff apart--not with the Purex fabric softener sheets, my hair stayed in place! 

I also used it on a load of regular clothing items, and the freshness lasted forever it seemed. I usually don't get around to folding laundry right away (I find every excuse not to even do it) and still several days later after hauling the laundry basket up from the basement and starting to fold them, they smelled clean and fresh and still like lavender!

There are several other things I have heard of using dryer sheets for, some are:
  • Repelling pet hair
  • Repelling lint
  • Refreshing dresser drawers
  • Stuff them in stinky tennis shoes
  • Place under a pet bed for added odor control
  • Keep some in your car, as an air freshener and to keep stuff smelling fresh on the go
  • Throw a few in your diaper bag to keep it smelling nice
A couple of those listed above would have been great only if I had known about them sooner! I cloth diaper my youngest son and often when we are out and about end up with a dirty diaper hanging around in the car (in a wet bag of course) or in the diaper bag, and boy I sure could have used some Sweet Lavender scented diaper bag! I was also unaware of the repelling pet hair, and with three cats currently in the house this is an added bonus! You can even use used fabric softener sheets for various items around the house, the biggest one that comes to mind is dusting. A multi-useful tool for getting laundry and cleaning done, genius!

I must say that Purex fabric softener sheets are sure a hit in my house! What could you do with something this great and "scent"sational?
Be sure to check out Purex's website and see all their other great products, click HERE.

**Purex provided me with a sample of Purex Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are completely my own.**