Thursday, December 27, 2012

Postponing Christmas

So it has been a very busy and hectic time for us right now. My husband has been in the hospital since the 7th of December with the hopes that he might have been able to be discharged (another round of Chemo therapy) for the holidays, alas that was not so. We have postponed our Christmas celebrations until he is discharged from the hospital which could be in a couple days or even a couple weeks from now, who knows at this point. Luckily our kids are too young to realize that Christmas was yesterday and they don't suspect a thing, my oldest (3) knows that it is the holidays and that presents come with holidays but he has no sense of the days yet. His main concern is getting to play in the snow, then getting upset when his hands get cold! We are expecting 8 to 16 more inches in the next couple days so there will be plenty of opportunity for him to get cold and cry about it, funny thing is that he begs and pleads to go outside too!

We also recently found out that my husbands sister is not a match for the stem cell transplant so now they are looking to the national registry to find a donor, and who knows how long that will take. I urge anyone who is not currently on the registry to join, they will send you a free kit for testing and you may (or may never) be called to help save someones life. A family friend of ours has been on the registry list for 18 years and has never been called but she knows that if someone out there needed her help she would be able to be there for someone. All you do is swab your cheek and send it back, it is that simple!

We are also finding out that he may be becoming resistant to the platelet transfusions they have been giving him, he is having a lot of bleeding issues lately. They will be doing further testing to see if his body is destroying them just as fast as they are giving them to him.

Needless to say this is all a work in progress. The hospital is an hour away otherwise I would be with him every day that I could. We have a lot of friends and family supporting us in this time of need and I thank them very much for all the help! We will see what the new year brings us.