Thursday, December 6, 2012

Busy, exciting week!

We have had a very dramatic day here. I drove to the hospital (an hour away) to visit with my husband and while there were told a few things that immediately made us panic. Then were reassured that the information we were just given was incorrect. Stressed out we had been trying to call people left and right trying to verify this information. Very irritating day overall. On the plus side, my husbands White Blood Cell (WBC) count has increased after his first round of Chemo, and his Hematocrit levels are stable and Platelet count is up after a couple transfusions.

We also got the news that if he has no fever over the course of 24 hours (starting in the morning of today, ending tomorrow morning) without being on IV Antibiotics he can go home! So he may be discharged tomorrow some time! This is a huge relief that his body is responding so well to the Chemo and he is bouncing back! He will possibly need many more rounds of Chemo but we are hopeful. Talks of an Allogeneic Stem Cell transplant are still on the table but we don't know when or if this will happen any time soon. First thing to do is get his sister tested to see if she is a match to donate or not, if she is not then we need to check the donor registry to see if he can find a suitable match there. This is a long and stressful process, and I know it is strenuous on him no doubt. But he is strong and we have lots of support to make it through this. Thank you all.

Z had his blood drawn the other day for his 12 month blood tests, he did surprisingly well and came  home and went right down for a nap afterward. I also started wrapping Christmas presents and ordered Shane's final present (LeapPad2 Bundle!). I just have one thing on my Christmas list this year, okay well husband to be able to spend it with us, and a sewing machine! What a list! What is on your shopping list this year?


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