Friday, January 18, 2013

List of possible matches

I have been busy these past few weeks with my husband in and out of the hospital, a consultation in Buffalo and just me and the boys to take care of. I have decided on top of all of what I already have, to try and learn to quilt! I have a new sewing machine which I got from my husband for Christmas and I would love to get some projects going! I have already started making my own doublers/liners for my diaper stash but I wanted to try something bigger. Any tips are welcome! I know very little about quilting, but I have been looking up block patterns online and trying to figure it out. It looks like fun! Of course I am starting off small because I am sure there will be hiccups along the way. I have been accumulating fabrics and supplies to start off with and I am noticing each time I look at my stuff that there is so much more that I need to get! Can anyone recommend a good rotary mat and cutter? I see that there are many on the market and was looking at the Fiskars items...I know a self healing mat is the best and a sharp blade will make better edges and such. It is a lot to learn!

The Cancer institute contacted my husband a few days ago letting him know that they have a list of potential donors that they were getting into contact with. So this process is starting a whole lot faster than any of us had hoped! It is kind of surprising actually, some people go years without finding any donors and some don't find one at all. I am happy to have this news but I still know we have a ways to go yet and this is no definite answer as to if we have found a match or not. I am keeping my fingers crossed! My husband just wants to be done with all of this. I cannot blame him, he has been in the hospital all but about 10-days since November. It is a revolving thing for him, he gets out and goes right back in for another round of Chemotherapy. This whole transplant process makes me nervous, there is a lot of higher doses of chemo that he will undergo as well as possible full body radiation. I can only imagine how he feels, but I hope he knows I am with him every step of the way.