Wednesday, January 30, 2013

High possibility we found a donor!

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It has been a busy and exciting week so far!

We received news from the Cancer center that they have found a highly probable donor for my husbands allogeneic stem cell transplant. She still has to do all her testing to make sure that she is the best possible match and physically able to do what is needed to donate. Then we also received news that they had found a backup match as well, which is great news too because they won't do the transplant without having a backup donor in case the first one backs out or changes their mind.

So now we are looking at doing this transplant as early as this March! WOW. This all happened so fast and in all this whirlwind we get so excited but forget the risks involved. I am of course apprehensive about this whole thing, but it needs to be done for long term remission of this Leukemia. My husband is currently back at the hospital right now for his Fourth round of Chemo Therapy, which is hopefully his last before they do the transplant. I just get concerned because his  counts become very low at times (his white blood cell, hct and platelet) and he often needs blood products but we live an hour away from where he is being treated.

ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) is a common type of leukemia in children. I just want to give a heartfelt shout out to all you kids out there who are going through this. I know my husband as a full grown adult has his ups and downs dealing with this, and can only imagine experiencing this as a young child, and possibly not even fully understanding the extent of what is going on. It must be so scary and frustrating, you just want to play outside, in the mud and dirt and go swimming in the summer--all of which are things not permitted when you have a delicate immune system. You are all very strong and can do it, and have many supporters along the way even if you do not know it!

I had hoped to be doing more with the blog by this point but this medical condition and kind of put me at a point where the only thing I am focusing on is that and my kids. I am going to try and get back into the swing of things and hopefully get into more giveaways and better content (other than family updates). I have been in contact with a couple companies which want me to do reviews of their products, so hopefully those will arrive soon! I also wanted to try out some new recipes and share them with my audience, I have some desserts that I would love to bake--but I need my husband home to eat them!

So hopefully this will all come together soon, and I can get back to it! Stay tuned!

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