Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Influenster box, Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Palmolive Fresh Infusions!
I recently received my latest box from Influenster, it contained 3 free bottles of the new Palmolive Fresh Infusions! I loved the smell of all of them but favored the Lime Basil the most, it is so zingy and fresh that it takes you away somewhere citrusy while you're standing in your kitchen doing chores. It reminded me of my childhood, summers playing outside while eating a Lime Otterpop, yes it not only smells fresh, but it smells sweet and tasty as well, but I don't recommend eating it!

If you are concerned at all about what is in your cleaning products, or just curious, their website explains in detail what is in their products and why they use it. I know personally I like to know what I am washing my dishes with since we eat off of them, but also I get concerned as to what is around my small children. Here is an excerpt of ingredients from their website, I chose the Lime Basil since I liked that scent the most:

Ammonium C12-15 Pareth SulfateCleaning and Foaming Agent
SD Alcohol 3-AControls Thickness and Clarity
Lauramidopropylamine OxideCleaning and Foaming Agent
Sodium ChlorideControls Thickness
Magnesium SulfateControls Thickness
Poloxamer 124Controls Thickness
FragrancePleasant Scent
Pentasodium PentatateMaintains Product Stability
Sodium BisulfiteMaintains Product Stability
I really liked the way this dish soap handled cleaning my dishes, from scrubbing the burner liners from my gas stove, to yucky cooked on sauces and even the grease. I had made a Lasagna and this dish soap handled cleaning the pan afterward, it sparkled!

I feel somewhat comfortable about the ingredients, although there are a couple that raise concerns, such as the Ammonium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate which can alter DNA and cause respiratory issues, although in larger quantities I would imagine. The Sodium Bisulfite can also cause respiratory issues, but Sodium Bisulfite can be found in other common household items as well from laundry detergent to anti-aging creams, which are more easily absorbed into the skin. While this bothers me a little it is not enough to raise a flag as there are other more harmful ingredients in some other dish soaps out there.

Overall, I would purchase this product again, and I would also recommend it to friends based on the scent, cleaning ability and price. You can find this product at your local Wal-Mart for around $3.00 a bottle. I give it a 7.5/10.

Be sure to check out Influenster for other reviews of this product! As well as Palmolive's website!

For more information regarding some of these ingredients, please check Goodguide or Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep cosmetics database at EWG.