Thursday, July 18, 2013

BreakPal- Fitness at your desk!

So I have recently started using a web-based (other platforms as well!!) program to get you up and moving while at your desk. This, provides brief exercises, yoga and basic stretches to get you active during your long routine at work, or even at home in front of the computer. I know these days we are all basically in front of a desk or computer virtually all day long except while sleeping--even you students!  This is my first post regarding this program and I will do another once I get more active, but it's great so far!

You set your timer interval from 15-60 minutes and go about your business, you don't even have to be at the computer you could be doing the dishes or cleaning or just about anything. Once your timer is up, a window pops up and allows you to choose from several options in selecting an exercise to do (or you can skip it if you really wanted to) and then you get taken to a page where you select what you want to do! Once you click on something, it will take you to a short video that guides you through the exercise, you can always hit the back button and choose another to do. Oh, and get this you earn points and the website keeps track of what you earned it for (exercise vs. community involvement) and there is a chart/graph that you can see your weekly progress on. Here is a little blurb from the website:

The program is built around a social networking site. You know like facebook or myspace. Except everyone on this social site has one thing in common. Trying to stay in shape while carrying on a busy lifestyle and working a desk job. Everyone here wants the same thing. To get in better shape.
What a great way to get moving even if you don't have a lot of time on your hands, anything is better than nothing! They currently have an Iphone/Ipad app to allow you to set your timer on your own device, an Android based app is currently in the works. You also have the support to keep motivated, perhaps you set a weekly points goal and then once you achieve that you keep adding points to it? You never know, the possibilities with your body are endless, it only takes a little bit of effort to see results and achieve big accomplishments. My goal is to use BreakPal whenever I am at my computer and let you all know how I did, and I will do a giveaway to offer one lucky winner a Premium membership! The premium membership will grant you access to more exercises, videos and content! Super cool so stay tuned and in about a week or so I will let you know my results and get the giveaway started!

Update and Giveaway:

Okay! It has been a week now and I have been able to use this program off and on (it has been so hot out we have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying it!) and I really enjoy it! You can feel the results even after the brief exercises, and can choose to do more than one. The Yoga is very relaxing and I enjoy that immensely! Every little bit helps, and the small community of like minded individuals with the same goal really helps. You can chat with others who use the program and keep each other motivated! It is so nice to see your points increase as the week goes by, it really helps to keep you going! Since adding these exercises into my routine, I have lost about 2lbs, so this little bit really does help. For your chance to win a Premium Membership, enter in the Rafflecopter form below! Giveaway starts 7/20 and runs until 7/27 at 12PM EST. Good luck!

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