Thursday, May 30, 2013

Buffalo...and parking, or lack of

Here is a rant post I wrote back in March (I think) but never published for some reason or just forgot to publish.

OK. Here we are once again, the boys and I that is, are in Buffalo to visit Daddy. I must admit I need this rant just to get it out there.

What is with the parking here in this town!!!

The parking for our hotel is 2 blocks away, this is not conducive to having a 3 year old and a 1 year old to lug around, on top of luggage, diaper bag and a pack-n-play for the 1 year old to sleep in. Not to mention, you have to pay each time you leave the parking garage!! Ack, so frustrating. The hotel is nice, accommodating and not too far from where my husband is getting his treatment and aftercare. I am so glad my father-in-law happens to be up here right now, I am so grateful for the help with moving luggage around and helping with the boys. Sad to say, this seems to be how virtually all the parking is here in downtown Buffalo, even for the Cancer Institute, pay to park there even if you have appointments several times a week, even if you work there you pay monthly to park there. What's even worse is that the parking garages actually fill up!! Because people here have no other options they all fill up so quick on the week days, and even weekends. So a traveller like myself, who is not familiar with the area or protocols, has to try to sneak into a spot. If I had to say one thing about Buffalo overall, it is not very family friendly.

This is not just because of the parking, it's because I don't exactly feel safe here. This is one of those cities that you avoid being out in certain areas, and certain times of the day. Makes me feel glad that I live where I live, even if there is nothing there. At least I can visit with the Amish, they make tasty food! I really suppose you cannot feel safe anywhere these days though.

Tomorrow will be a fun filled day of Daddy visit time! At least until he gets sick of the boys (or gets a headache) then I think my father-in-law will step in and watch them for a little while so I can just get some peace and quiet with my husband! This will be a much needed break from the kids, they drive me nuts sometimes, but I still love them--they are too cute not to.

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