Saturday, March 2, 2013

Schick Hydro Silk Razor from BzzAgent!

Okay, so I know it is the tail end of Old-Man Winter still, but a girl can certainly be optimistic about the weather. Although it is not yet short-shorts and skirts season, you can still have silky smooth legs and feel confident in yourself with the Schick Hydro Silk Razor. I recently received a complimentary Hydro Silk razor and one cartridge refill from BzzAgent, which I have had the opportunity to thoroughly try. 

I have been using the same cartridge for several weeks now (haven't had to change to the second one that came with it yet) and the razor still seems sharp as ever! There are 5 blades which allow for no irritation, no bumps and no itchy skin. I personally have sensitive skin and tend to get irritated really easily when shaving--which makes it even more of a chore. There were not little stubby hairs left behind either, one pass and it got everything in that one swipe. Because this razor cartridge lasts for so long without the irritation, you can save money on buying refills, money saved is always nice!

Plus, another excellent feature of this razor is the moisturizing serum in the little strip at the top of the razor blades that moisturizes the skin that you shave for up to 2 whole hours after shaving. This is so nice in the harsh and dry winter months. 

Overall, this is one of my top picks for razors, and will most likely be my go-to razor this summer! I highly recommend this, I give it a 10/10!